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Providing high-level professional service that combines financial & investment advice, accounting & tax services, retirement planning & estate planning.





Advice & Solutions

  • Personalized Financial Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Retirement and Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Mortgage and Debt Planning
  • Severance Planning

Insurance Products

  • Segregated Funds
  • Annuities – Life & Term
  • Life & Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Long Term Care

Business Solutions

  • Group Retirement Savings Plans
  • Company Pension Plans
  • Group Life & Disability Insurance


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Government Registered Plans

  • Registered Retirement Savings Plans
  • Registered Retirement Income Funds
  • Locked-In Retirement Accounts
  • Life Income Funds
  • Defined Contribution Pension Plans
  • Registered Education Savings Plan
  • Individual Pension Plans
  • Tax Free Savings Accounts
  • Registered Disability Savings Plans

Investment Products



Through a referral arrangement, T&B West Coast Investments Inc. offers you direct access to TriCert Investment Counsel’s Portfolio Managers who will tailor an investment management strategy that is specific to your unique circumstances. Working with your accountant and financial planner, TriCert Investment Counsel’s Portfolio Managers take a quality sector-based (QSect™) approach to investing.


TriCert Investment Counsel is owned in part by T&B West Coast. TriCert Investment Counsel is registered with the securities regulators as a Portfolio Manager and is engaged to provide clients with discretionary portfolio management.


To learn more, visit the TriCert website.






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Independant Financial Planning Services Catered for You


T&B West Coast Investments works with TriCert Investment Counsel Inc., an independent financial planning and portfolio management company that works to safeguard and build wealth for its clients.