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Wealth Management

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Based on a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs and circumstances, we can work with you to assess and analyze your current assets and liabilities, short- and long-term investment objectives, and tolerance for risk.


To put the right investments to work for your situation, we will use a disciplined Wealth Management Process that follows four key steps. Throughout this process, we will create a tailored investment strategy and will help you to select solutions from a broad platform of institutional-grade financial products that are aligned with your investment objectives.

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We provide financial planning services catered to you. Learn more: OUR SERVICES


Our team is dedicated through seamless integration of accounting, financial planning and investment management.





Independant Financial Planning Services Catered for You

T&B West Coast Investments works with TriCert Investment Counsel Inc., an independent financial planning and portfolio management company that works to safeguard and build wealth for its clients.